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My name is Ajitha. INNOVAGAIA is my heart child!

Born in India, I currently live in the United States of America. My educational background is Bachelors in Architectural Engineering & Masters in International Business. While serving as Senior Vice President at a multinational bank, I am also pursuing my passion for being an Entrepreneur. 

I am also a creative, visual & performing artist. Music, Singing, Art (Painting, Jewelry Making, Drawing) and Dancing are my passions since childhood. Above all, being a conduit for witnessing healing in others, give me a sense of deeper purpose. 

I am equally, if not more, passionate about serving and helping others in ways that I can. This website is my conduit to the world where I share my passions as a service to you!

I am also available for speaking opportunities. Please send me a message on ajithas@innovagaia.com or via the "Contact" page. Love to hear from you!