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Introduction to ThetaHealing®:

Interested in knowing more about ThetaHealing® or looking to get certified as Practitioner in ThetaHealing®? Get informed to make a decision on having a session or getting certified. 

Next Webinar is scheduled on:

Date: October 12th 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 10am EST to 11:30am EST

Price: $26

One hour of presentation followed by Q&A for 30mins. If you are unable to make it to the live event, a recording will be mailed to you.

Limited spots, first come first serve basis.

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Client feedback on prior "Introduction® to ThetaHealing" Webinar:

"Ever since I have known Ajitha, I always wanted to explore more about ThetaHealing, since she and the modality have been instrumental in my personal growth and positive changes in life.
The webinar served as a wonderful tool to understand how Theta healing works and how it helps impact our patterns and behaviors during the healing process. The emotional matrix and expression with the help of caricatures was so wonderful.
The 7 planes of existence specially caught my attention and had been keeping me thinking days later too.
Thank you Ajitha for the session, it indeed was another step being close to Theta Healing and You.
🙏 "- DIVYA

"Good Morning Ajitha, I felt like it is a huge topic to cover and requires more awareness from me. I got a sample of it in your webinar. I still couldn’t resonate/understand how some else can download something for others. I do understand it is our own belief system does the job. My understanding is theta healing helps get to theta brainwave state to change our belief system to heal. Your webinar provoked my thoughts to see similarities in meditation, Dhyanam, Davam, theta healing and know more. Thank you!"- VALLI

"I was recently invited to attend a webinar, presented by Ajitha Srinivasan. The topic of the webinar was Theta healing.  But for the fact that just a few days back I had read about similar topic on how during the formative years of early childhood, when the brain is in a theta state, what is fed in by parents and the surroundings stay for life and to a large extent govern our attitudes to life in the later years, I would have politely declined.  Added to this is the fact that I am generally apathetic to the numerous self-help methods that keep sprouting like weeds in a beautifully manicured lawn.  However, I did sign-up. 

The webinar was an eye-opener.  The subject was very well presented and at every stage, it was interspersed with live examples; of course the actual identities were not revealed but the issues were super-imposed on expressive cartoon figures.  At a point, Ajitha herself did discuss an issue she went through, and was bold enough to tell the participants.  I was watching her closely to see if she revealed any painful emotions while relating the issue, but she was her bright self.  Which means, the numerous certifications she had done in the field, helped her completely come out the situation unscathed. The proverb 'physician, heal thyself' seems to have been applied!  That was enough of a guarantee for me to take the next step.

I went on to request a private consultation which Ajitha gracefully agreed to, that very afternoon after the webinar.  I felt euphoric after the session, and felt like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders.  

It has been some time now since the consultation, and I continue to feel good.  The little guy inside keeps telling me, 'let's see how long it lasts'.  Time will tell, little guy, time will tell!" -

'The webinar was superb. Most of the things discussed forms a part of everybody's life. I felt that the way you address the issue mattered a lot. A child may have intelligent people around him or her but a good school and teacher are the most important to guide him and bring out the best in him" - PRABHA

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